What People Are Saying

When we signed our daughter Deborah Nicastro for her first Ballet class at the age of three years old with the school of Louise Ryrie, we never imagined that it would have been a life time commitment. We are so grateful to Louise and all her team of teachers for teaching the passion and commitment skills of dance and drama to our daughter that has now become her professional focus in life. The valuable day to day teaching together with the numerous performance experiences offered during the years have helped our daughter to grow in confidence and technical skills. Thank you Louise for all your dedication in teaching Deborah during the years, for every single exam taken and for every single "unique" choreography dance taught. Every medal and trophy won over the 13 years are medals and trophies that you have won too. Your dance school has been a great credit to us and your support and training has helped Deborah secure a scholarship at Italia Conti Performing Art college for a vocational three year diploma course. Thank you Louise Ryrie and thank you to all your teachers.

Josie and Larry Nicastro, parents

I took my daughter along to try ballet at Louise Ryrie when she was 3 years old. She has only just left at the age of 21 because she is going to university which in itself tells you how good it is! The dance school has a real family feel, where children can gain confidence and make lifelong friends. Through the dance school and as part of New Generation she danced at The Hawth numerous times, in London's West End, had the opportunity to take dance exams, had sleepovers, fun days and went to summer schools. She has gained so much confidence through dancing with Louise and all the other dance teachers. The thing I have most loved about the dance school is the family feel, all the older dancers look out for the younger ones and it's just lovely. I'm sure she'll be back as an adult dancer after university....the school caters amazingly for adults too!

Sarah Thomas, parent

My daughter so reminds me of my mum when she dances, it is the sheer joy on their faces. Thank you The Louise Ryrie School of Dance and Drama for such a high standard of teaching, but also dancing for the love of it.

Nancy Sproston, parent

13 years I have been part of the Dance school and to be trusted with such a role as Head Girl is truly incredible! I have now been assisting in Saturday morning classes for 6 years and it's one of my favourite things to do 😊 I love all the children I get to see grow up and watch them become members of the family just like I did 13 years ago. Thank you Louise and Bridget and to all the other teachers for everything and I can't wait to see what this next year of being Head Girl brings for me 💖

Charlotte Blackman Head Girl 2017-18

Charlotte has learnt much more than just how to dance since joining the Louise Ryrie School of Dance and Drama. She has learnt discipline, self motivation, ambition, team work, how to graciously accept constructive criticism, that being dedicated to ambition pays off but most of all confidence. Oodles of confidence that pours from her and infects everyone she meets.

Jenny Blackman, parent

You have truly created a place where everyone can be themselves, dance like no one is watching and a safe space 💜 Best years of my life hands down #20Years #Family #TimeOfMyLife

Sarah Moore, Teacher at Louise Ryrie

Crazy to think 18 years ago I was the little 2 year old girl who went to her first ballet class wanting to be at the front of the train every lesson, to being scholarship girl, dancing at London theatres, dancing with the English youth ballet and much much more. I have made so many amazing memories dancing and have made such lovely friends along the way. Here's to many more years being part of the dancing family 💕 🎉 Thank you for giving us all somewhere you can go and forget about the outside world, learn and make such amazing friendships! Very excited for the future 💜

Shelby Beeden, Teacher at Louise Ryrie

You have created such a wonderful "family environment" at your school. The children (and adults too!) are so lucky to have the benefit of your strong (and creative!) teaching technique. You have given them so many exciting opportunities, I look forward to hearing what you have planned for them for the future! I am proud to be a part of your school.

Vivien Scully, Teacher at Louise Ryrie

Couldn't have found a better dance school for my girls. You do an amazing job and do so much for them and everyone else. So glad they can be a part of your school 😊

Melanie Wickham, parent

Congratulations Louise, you have created an amazing dance and drama school! One that we are very proud to have our children at! Here's to the next 20 years!! 😘

Clare Maynard, parent

You have built a lovely dance community in Northgate. Thank you for all your hard work & thanks for welcoming us to your studio x Here's to another 20 years 💜

Deb Rolfe, The Shimmies

It's a wonderful place to be. I spend more time there than I do at home!!! My children have learnt so much from all the fantastic teachers, have lots of amazing memories and made lots of brilliant friends. Thank you all x x

Christine Harod, parent

Over these last 20 years you have built an amazing dance school which brings out the best in, and gives so many young people wonderful opportunities. It is a supportive family to so many. Well done!

Lindsey Hall, grandparent

Was lovely watching the 20th year anniversary presentation. Can't believe I've been with our amazing dance school 19 years. Louise Ryrie you are such an inspiration to all us older and young girls and what an amazing dance school you have X